Chicky Memo


This is a memory game. Place all the egg chips facing down. Place all the chicken on the board each in their nests. Memorize all the colours on the underneath of the chicken before starting the game. There will be one empty nest on the board. Each player take turn to flip over one egg. Try to match the colour of the egg to the underneath of the chicken. If player can remember the position of that colour of the chicken, turn over the chicken. If the player fails, place the chicken on the empty nest. There will always be one empty nest for players to move chicken around so that players have to think hard to remember where the colours are positioned. If player chose the correct colour, then player gets to keep the egg. Whoever collects the most eggs win the game. This game can play up to 4 players. Instruction included.

Age: 48mths+

Product size: 30 x 30 x 6cm Packed in colour box. Number pieces in packaging: 1

RM 82.90

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