In this dynamic logic maze, you have to get the green sliders to drop through the center exit hole in the grid without letting any of the blue sliders fall through.

To make it trickier, each tilt of the grid must be a full tilt-so all circular tokens must slide completely from one side of the grid to the other.

The 40 Tilt challenges are exceptionally clever, and the sliding action provides a unique hands-on play experience for all ages.

Ages: 8 to adult


  • Game Grid with Base
  • 40 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert
  • 2 Green Sliders
  • 4 Blue Sliders
  • 6 Gray Square Blockers
  • Game-Go Bag

Why to buy?

  1. Exercise planning and sequential reasoning.
  2. Hands-on tilting and sliding motion makes for great tactile fun!

RM 69.90

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