Freeze Up!

Freeze Up!

  • It’s an icy hot game of pass around word play! Name an animal that starts with a C. Sounds simple, but with time ticking, it’s easy to freeze up!
  • Select number of players, press “Go” for a category and letter, and answer fast! If you FREEZE UP, press “New Letter” or “New Category” and try again.
  • Continue playing until time runs out – the last player standing with time on the clock WINS!
  • Features over 170 categories and 2 modes of play with automatic scoring. For 2-8 players or teams!
  • Includes portable, handheld Freeze Up! Game and instructional guide.
  • The Frantic category name game
  • Features 2 challenging ways to play – nail-baiting AUTO mode and self-paced MANUAL mode

Age: 8+ to adult

Price: RM129.90

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