ThinkFun Trango


Strategy meets opportunity with a little bit of luck in this truly original game for two to four players!

Players must try to complete different patterns with the interlocking game pieces to score points without being blocked.

There’s only one problem, your opponents will try anything to trick, deceive and outwit you every step of the way!

Trango is played with interlocking triangular plastic pieces, which the players place on the table, constructing the board or “matrix” as they go. On a player’s turn, he or she rolls a die to determine how many pieces he or she places (1, 2 or 3), and tries to complete geometric figures worth varying numbers of points (or block other players’ attempts to do the same).

The game includes 128 game pieces in four colors (32 pieces per player), a six-sided die, a scoring pencil and a scorepad, and comes in a triangular white box.


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