Surfside Scramble

Surf’s up! Race to slide and swap your letter flip-flops, lining them up to make as many connected words as you can. Go BIG – make the longest word or finish first for extra points. Paddle in last, and it’s wipe-out city! This tricky take on word games is perfect for family game night and grown-up get-togethers alike. For 2-4 players. Psst…They’re Learning! 

  • Practices word-building and spelling
  • Encourages social skills

Cut to the Chase 

  • Timed word-building race with a twist
  • Flip letters, build words, and score points to win
  • Great for parties and family get-togethers

Let’s Play  1. Players race to arrange word chains from their 15 double-sided letter tiles. Each word must begin and end with a letter in the chain and use all of the letters in between, in order. 2. When time’s up, players count their words, winning extra points for using all of their letters, building the longest word, and building the most words. 3. The player with the most points after 5 rounds is the Big Kahuna and wins the game!


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