XSurfer Waveboards

Waveboarding is easy to learn and will give you a lifetime of fun! You just swivelyour back foot forwards and […]

Trike360 Caster Tricycle

A reinvention of the classic 3-wheeler of the 1970s, the Trike360 caste tricyclerides like no other, thanks to dual-inclined caster […]

StreetSurfing Wave 360

The new revolution in waveboarding! The wave 360 takes waveboarding to thenext level with its dual directional technology for unlimited […]

JDBug SkyBug Scooter

Lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame and deck. Rear fender-brake system with bell device (can be turned off) Smooth ride: 4″ Resin […]

Shark Light for Bike Handle

A fun bicycle/scooter accessory even when it’s not dark. The front light is easily and flexibly mounted on the handlebars, […]

Scooter Helmets

Size adjustable by dial to fit different head sizes (removable headband) Fully adjustable nylon straps for optimum fit and maximum […]

Bike Helmet

The Animal Helmets, with their specially designed 3D effects, provide avivid expression, which children will find exciting and fascinating.These helmets […]

JDBug Balance Bike

Neutral Green Balance Bike Model No. TC 03 For ages 2.5 to 5. RM 389.00

JDBug Mini-Kidz Swayer

Innovative, lady bug shaped sit down scooter Lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame and plastic saddle Nimble handle to train the arm […]

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