First Malaysian Invented Crossword Game Made of High Quality Material and Technology 38cm x 38cm x 2.5mm Thick Game Board […]

Sahibba Economy

  Special Lettered Tiles – Best Malaysian Word Game -Suitable For ages 7 and Above – Dual Languages (BM / […]

Petits Chevaux Ludo

  The famous game of small horses illustrations revisited by Djeco. 5 to 12 years 2 to 4 players About […]

World Map

This is a fantastic range of Orchard Toys Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles. The range includes Where in the Wood, Dinosaur Discovery, […]

Lonpos 4D Puzzle Game

How to play the game: Lonpos is a puzzle-game with 12 colourful tetris-like shaped pieces that you must put back […]

Solar Master

22 different models can be built one after another; plane, helicopter, racing car and exciting exploration robots! ‚óŹDepending on the […]

Brick by Brick

Adorable jars feature ladybug wings that open to invite little learners to investigate insects. Supports scientific observations with a 3.5x […]


A fun, hands-on way to introduce and explore life cycles, LifeCyclers provides a literal presentation of the various stages of […]

Freeze Up

t’s an icy hot game of pass around word play! Name an animal that starts with a C. Sounds simple, […]

Jolly Helpers Hand Puppets

  This four-piece hand-puppet set makes it easy for children and caregivers to role-play together! Four simple glove puppets in […]

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