Strategy in Three Dimensions. Your goal is to get the red Tipper Man to the red crate. Set up your […]

Shuffle Champ

The 7 cube wordgame with a reading program. Age: 3-5 years RM 79.90

Junior ExtraDiction

ExtraDiction is a new, innovative and highly engaging word game and powerful tool to help make teaching and learning fun, […]


It’s called extraDICTION, a truly breakthrough word game for both children and adults. It is entertaining, stimulating, challenging, enriching and […]


In this dynamic logic maze, you have to get the green sliders to drop through the center exit hole in […]

Thinkfun ZINGO!

ZINGO! Brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo! Matching skills, image and word recognition and concentration […]

Wooden Games

Blocks Miniworld Basic learning Role Planning RM 65.90 – 105.90

Wooden Build A Village

By giving 3 dimensional perspective to the traditional domino game, Wonder World brings to life wooden cars that children would […]

Ungame Question Game

The world’s most popular self expression game. A unique way to enjoy sharing opinions, feelings and beliefs. Increase understanding of […]

Somebody Human Anatomy Game

‘Somebody’ will deepen every child’s knowledge and enjoyment of anatomical science. It can be played on different skills levels, 2 […]

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