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Josephine signing copies of Timmy Tapir Learns To Do What's Right, a book she wrote to teach children about the importance of integrity.

Precious Ones Collections 201403306787 ( PC0012393-K) was inspired by a mother's heartfelt desire to provide quality educational toys for her children that enabled true parent-child bonding while stimulating the child's five senses during play. This passion led Josephine Yoong to establish Precious Ones at 56, Lorong Selamat, Penang, Malaysia in 2005 after six years of operating as a home-based business.

Since then, Precious Ones has been providing parents and children with educational children toys and books to help families bond through play. Besides toys and books, the Precious Ones' founder also believes in character-building through workshops and programmes. Precious Ones offers a signature children's programme called FINTEGRITY based on her children's book, Timmy Tapir Learns To Do What's Right. (She gave a TEDxWeldQuay talk about her inspiration to write this book.)

Whether you are a parent, parent-to-be, child educator or therapist, Precious Ones offers you choices for everything you need as gifts and toys for toddlers, children and special needs children such as wooden toys, games, brainteasers, puzzles, math and science aids, therapy toys, kindergarten aids, arts and crafts and lots more from well-known brands like Lamaze, Blue Ribbon, Voila, Wonder World and more.

Precious Ones is also the official distributor for the award-winning Build & Ride toy, Maxamec, a revolutionary new life-size construction toy. After all, every child dreams of building and riding on their very own invention!

Overseas enquiries are welcome for our toys. We also welcome distributors for our publications or enquiries for foreign language translations of our books.

Therapy Toys For Special Children

Precious Ones believes that all children should have access to quality learning and education.

We offer a good selection of therapy toys and educational materials for children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or are autistic or are physically and visually impaired.

Our carefully selected, special needs toys promote essential skills like sensory, cognitive, language, numeracy, and science skills in your special child.


Frequenting Precious Ones has always been a treasure trove of adventure with my two boys (now 8 and 10). Precious Ones carries a selection of educational toys that are thoughtfully curated and researched to help children explore and grow in their imagination and creativity. My boys literally grew up in the store! Till today, they fondly remember toys purchased at Precious Ones!

Karina Yong


My name is Zechariah. I am 10, turning 11 this year. I enjoy the lovely books at Precious Ones which are always educational. I also like the Brain Box toy series which I now play at home and also the interesting programmes at Precious Ones where you can learn new and exciting stuff and have tons of fun.