Making Playtime A Learning Experience

Engaging your child effectively through play

Learning through play is important for children's growth as they start to interact with other children and explore their world. They learn best when they are shown how to do new things while having fun.

As a child's mind is constantly curious and active, educational toys provide the right learning environment as they engage a child's fine and gross motor skills while nurturing creativity, imagination and problem-solving abilities.

Besides educational toys for children, we offer therapy toys for special needs children too.

Toys for Motor Skills & Integration

Sensory toys engage your child's senses and help develop motor skills and integration by stimulating crucial senses and promoting social interaction. Precious Ones offers a wide variety of sensory toys from sound blocks to different sensorial textures that are also suitable for the visually-impaired.

Toys to Stimulate Problem-Solving

Cognitive toys train your child's ability to think, reason, and reflect. They encourage perception, memory and concentration. Choose from our interesting selection of cognitive toys like attractive jigsaws, problem-solving geometric puzzles including matching and categorising games.

Language Toys for Communication

Language toys equip your child with a vast set of communication skills like speaking, writing and reading by creating an opportunity for them to express themselves. Your child would delight in our various language toys and tools like word card-matching and story-telling cards which encourage them to express their thoughts.

Toys for Learning Numbers

Numeracy toys assist your child in the understanding of numbers and measurements. This is where your child will be encouraged to solve simple math through play. Discover our selection of numeracy toys which include a variety of number games from matching equations, multiplication and fractions to the times-table.

Science Toys for Investigation & Discovery

Science toys encourage your child to be curious and inquisitive through investigative learning. This is when your child comes out with discoveries and connections between objects and phenomena. Precious Ones offers an interesting range of science toys across different investigations, from nature, human biology, to space, planets and more.

Children's Books that Inspire Good Values

Instilling a love of reading early gives your child a head start in vocabulary expansion and building independence and self-confidence. Find numerous children's titles at Precious Ones, alongside a variety of self-published titles and series which seek to promote good values and character in children. Precious Ones also offers a number of Malaysian titles written by local authors.