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Bikes & Scooters

Learning to ride a balance bike gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace without pressure to learn to balance immediately like on a pedal bike. On a balance bike children start off walking the bike forward, then transition to sitting and walking, then sitting and running, and finally gliding and picking their feet off the ground. This process can take a day or two or a few months depending on the age and readiness of the children. However, it is a FUN and EASY process and at the same time teaching your child the skills to seamlessly transition to a pedal bike.

JDBug scooters are the most popular, best quality and safest scooters available. Light and strong, resulting in safe, smooth and fun riding.

High quality components increase rider safety and reduce the risk of serious injury due to component failure under stressful riding conditions. This is really important when children begin to ride at speed and perform tricks.

Low cost products use inferior components that frequently break or jam, often resulting in serious injury. JDBug products use aircraft grade aluminium, heavy duty folding mechanisms, Poly Urethane wheels, ABEC 5 chrome hubs, extra strong decks and thick foam handles-which ensure riding is safe and enjoyable.

The high quality also results in years of hassle free use. JDBug parts are easily replaced if they become worn or damaged and a full range of spares and accessories are available.

JDBug products are EN and GS approved. All products are Phthalate Free(Phthalates are often found in children’s toys and present a documented risk of cancers and other complications in adulthood).

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JDBug SkyBug Scooter

Lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame and deck. Rear fender-brake system with bell device (can be turned off) Smooth ride: 4″ Resin Core PU wheels Foldable Adjustable handlebar height (58-83cm) safety lock…

Shark Light for Bike Handle

A fun bicycle/scooter accessory even when it’s not dark. The front light is easily and flexibly mounted on the handlebars, as the animal “bites” the bar. The light comes out…

Bike Helmet

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JDBug Mini-Kidz Swayer

Innovative, lady bug shaped sit down scooter Lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame and plastic saddle Nimble handle to train the arm and muscles of toddlers Safe, extremely low risk of injury(center…

JDBug Mini-Cool Carver

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JDBug KidzSwayer

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