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Suitable for ages 8+ 1+ players Includes 71 cards, timer, 8-sided die and rules card Minimum 70% recycled material Designed in High Wycombe, UK Price: RM76.90

Lonpos 4D Puzzle

Take the Lonpos challenge! The player starts with a given problem consisting of a small number of building blocks. The goal is to transform each given problem into a 2D…

Junior ExtraDiction

ExtraDiction is a new, innovative and highly engaging word game and powerful tool to help make teaching and learning fun, fast and friendly. Great for students, teachers and parents. Weight:…


It’s called extraDICTION, a truly breakthrough word game for both children and adults. It is entertaining, stimulating, challenging, enriching and extraordinarily versatile. The basic components of the game sets are:…


In this dynamic logic maze, you have to get the green sliders to drop through the center exit hole in the grid without letting any of the blue sliders fall…

Ungame Question Game

The world’s most popular self expression game. A unique way to enjoy sharing opinions, feelings and beliefs. Increase understanding of yourself and others. No special knowledge required. Non-competitive. Everybody wins….

Conversation Master Board Game

A game to exchange information among the players A game for self-development A customised game to be used as training and appraisal tools. A family game for parents and kids…